Work from Why

Here’s a rough recording of our talk from March 5th.

Some notes from our time together at the Diocesan Ministry Day.

  1. What’s Your Why? The message of the Gospel with the R’s: We were created to be in unbroken relationship with God the father in the garden. We rupture that relationship through sin. Jesus came to restore that relationship. He is the Messiah, God’s Son who came to restore our relationship with the father by dying on the cross. We receive that sacrifice and are called to respond to that restoration. We are a rescued people.
  2. Be focused on our MISSION: Go and Make Disciples.
  3. Live our Values: Celebration of the Liturgy, Inspiring Messaging, Great Communication, Financial Transparency and Health, Continuous Formation, Spiritually Enriching Opportunities for Prayer, Service to Those in Need, Quality Education, A variety of Extra-Curricular Activities, Well-Rounded Subject Matter, Educating the Whole Person: Mind, Soul, Body