Virtual Evangelization

These days we’ve been spending a lot of time online. We work online. We workout online. We learn online. We hang out online. We eat together online. We worship online. We practically live online. Even as parishes return to public Masses, most people aren’t comfortable gathering in groups outside of Mass. They’re still minimizing their risk and exposure; sticking to much of their gathering online. For this reason the Church needs to step up her online presence in the form of evangelization. I’ve always thought we needed to be online, but if you haven’t started, now is the time!

Website Homepage Updates

During this time when public Masses are suspended and virtually every event at the parish is cancelled or is now virtual, use your homepage as a resource.

Image Information

Are you confused about images and how to find good ones? I talk with parishes all the time about how to create a great website, bulletin, or newsletter. Great images are always the answer! So how do you get great images? What images are good to use? Where can I find good ones? Let’s talk!

Communication for the Connected

Why did no one show up at that Bible Study? No Communication Why don’t Catholics know what the Church teaches? Bad Communication What can we do about increasing our offertory? Communicate Better What can we do to communicate better? ​Speak the Language your People are listening with: If all of your content is in Spanish and 95% of your…

Get Ready for Vacation

​It’s almost summer and that means vacation!! This typically means two things for the church: Your parishioners are away from the parish visiting the beach or the mountains or family members who are far away. Many Catholics are visiting your parish because it’s a great vacation spot or their families have moved to your city….


Advent is a time of preparation and waiting as we prepare for the Birth of our Saviour. Although many times it can be eclipsed by Christmas preparations within the culture we live. Everyone seems to be looking for an escape from the commercialism of Christmas and finding the meaning in the season. The parish can…

Enhance Your Digital Outreach

Make Website Your Base for Communication: Your Website is the easiest form of communication to update since it is fluid and changes take place immediately, so teach your staff and your parishioners to go there first for information. Slowly transition people from thinking that your Bulletin is “where it’s at” to knowing that your website…