Preparing for Funerals

A couple of months ago a friend of mine texted me to ask “Is this song appropriate for my funeral?” She’s many years (hopefully) from her passing, but she has taken the liberty of creating a Google Doc with all of her requests for her funeral Mass to share with her family. How can you parish help people prepare for a funeral?

Music Participation

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the quote “Singing is praying twice” from St. Augustine, I’d have a lot of dollars. Music and singing are two of the most talked about things from Mass!

Lessons from My Vacation

Say I visit Churches wherever I am. I do. I go to Mass, just where I am. And I would go there at the beach. And I would go there while I ski. And I would go there on the street. And I would go there with my friend Pete. … That rhyme might have fallen flat, but I did find some great ideas while at Mass on vacation this summer!