Relationships First

Why do relationships matter? Are they important? Should we focus on them as we share the Gospel? My recent trip to Maui really got me thinking about this.

Lessons from My Vacation

Say I visit Churches wherever I am. I do. I go to Mass, just where I am. And I would go there at the beach. And I would go there while I ski. And I would go there on the street. And I would go there with my friend Pete. … That rhyme might have fallen flat, but I did find some great ideas while at Mass on vacation this summer!

Grandparents Camp

I lived in the same town as all four of my grandparents and was known as the “apple of my grandfather’s eye” for the first five years of my life (the final five years of his). I wish we had more memories together!

Get Ready for Vacation

​It’s almost summer and that means vacation!! This typically means two things for the church: Your parishioners are away from the parish visiting the beach or the mountains or family members who are far away. Many Catholics are visiting your parish because it’s a great vacation spot or their families have moved to your city….