Scripture Reflection on Generosity

A co-worker once had a sign in her office that said, “Don’t get too busy doing the Lord’s work that you forget about the Lord.” It always struck me as important when I considered what my week looked like as a youth minister. Was I focused on MY to-do list, MY will, and MY plans? Or was I embracing where the Lord had me to do His work? How do we know His work? We ask Him, we read His word, and we follow His will. Take some time at the beginning of this year to reflect on how the Lord is calling us to be generous!

Millennials & Tithing

Oh TITHING – an 7 letter word that is not only hard to explain and talk about, it’s hard to do. The worth tithe is derived from 1/10th, so 10% of my time (144 minutes or 2 hours, 24 minutes a day), 10% of my talent (how do you even quantify that), and 10% of my treasure (gross or net pay? Assets too?). Is it enough? Am I keeping anything for myself? What if there isn’t enough left over? Are these questions disciples ask?