Social Justice Series from Pope Francis

Did y’all see that the Holy Father is starting a new series about Social Justice in light of things he’s seen during the pandemic? What a great topic to discuss at our parishes this fall. There’s a LOT in the news right now about social justice that the Church needs to start talking about but many I speak to have no idea where to start. The basic plan: We need to understand what we believe, how to act on those beliefs, and why it’s imperative for our faith. So here are a few resources that are not just ‘based on what’s happening in the news’ but that share the teachings of the faith in a time-honored way, a way to discusses Church teaching based on the previous 2000 years not just 2020.

What If … Full of Grace Cafe

Almost every time I play the ‘What if” Game, it’s forseeing all of the negative outcomes … let’s flip the script! What if we did something big, what if it was successful, what if it was transformational?

Re-Focus on Mission

Our mission is Jesus Christ. Period. The Church exists in order to share the message of His Love in the world. Are you filling that mission?