Try Something New

One of the most common comments on surveys when asked about “Adult Education Topics” is “Basics of the Faith.” I’ve written about this recently, you might remember. Then I saw this new initiative that launched right after Labor Dat called “Real + True.” It’s an effort to take the Catechism and make it come alive, to showcase it’s relevancy.

Movie Watching Group

Last week I shared an idea about a Podcast Club and someone commented that they have a movie club. A few hours later I saw this article from Busted Halo about some Catholic-Themed films. Thought I’d share some thoughts and ideas!

Parish Book Club on the Mass

This parish book club is an example of what can happen when everyone at the parish is on the same page. A focus on a particular topic for all formation from children to teens to adults can transform your parish culture!

Some Great Podcasts

If Fulton Sheen were still alive, I think he’d be using podcasts to evangelize! In his absence, hundreds of amazing Catholics are using this form of media to help us learn more about our faith and dive into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Are you listening? Today I’m sharing about 4 of of my favorite spiritual growth podcasts … what would you add to the list?

Marian Consecration

Growing together in faith, deepening our prayer life, and being united as a parish community are the goals of most small group programs. Marian Consecration is a great way to revive a century’s old devotion at your parish and start a small group program this fall!

How Many Do You Know By Name?

Whether we’re bad with names or good with names, it’s important to know that names matter. How can we be called a family is we don’t even know each other’s names? If I didn’t know my siblings or first cousins names, would you consider me part of that family? Yet, most of us don’t know the names of the people in our parish families!

Saints are Fascinating

Are the saints real for your parish or are they just those statues that were once celebrated but now blend into the church wall? What are you doing to keep the saints alive for your people? Are the saints alive for you? Or just someone you ask for help finding a lost item (thanks Anthony) or a parking spot (Polycarp always hears me)!

Celebrating the Easter Season

It’s almost time to say the “A-Word” again … not the 3 letter one, the 8 letter one we can sing on Easter Sunday and every day for the 50 days after that! I love ALL of the versions of Alleluia songs and psalms and refrains! (super happy Latin Easter song at the bottom of this post)

Fishers of Men Go Fishing

Finding activities for men to do at the parish is complicated. What will interest men of all ages? What will they give up their Saturday for? Where will they wall want to go together? Fr. Vargas solved this by getting his fishing pole out!

Church Book Club

Every January people make resolutions to read and pray more to deepen their spiritual life. These parish book club ideas can help women of the parish do both!