Languishing & Mental Health

I read this article about “Languishing” and thought, “Yes, this describes so much of what’s going on right now in the world. We heard about this idea of “emotional burnout” related to the pandemic about a year ago.

Change Is Hard

Catholics love change. Ha! In opposite land maybe. We love Tradition, it’s literally one of the pillars that we’re built upon: Scripture and Tradition. Even thought we don’t love change, we are capable of it. We’re all capable of change, but did you know that we have different styles of change?


“Comparison is the Thief of Joy.” It seems to be in my nature to compare. Whenever I’m tempted to compare my life with others or today with three months ago, I think of the above quote and also the mnemonic device, “Compare to Despair.” Are you comparing phase 1 reopening to pre-Covid?

#3: Pray For Your Parish

We talk about it a lot, but we don’t do enough of it … none of us. Steve Angrisano once said, “We have a lot of near faith experiences in ministry … we’re near a lot of people who have faith experiences.”

#2: Over-Deliver on Kindness

Our second resolution is “Kindness.” This doesn’t mean saying yes all of the time no matter what … it means being clear and charitable. Kind even when delivering bad news.

#1: Presume the Good

Let’s make some resolutions for 2020 beginning with something our new pastor said to me 8 years ago when I was on staff … Presume the Good. I didn’t get it right away, but as soon as major changes started coming, it made perfect sense! Not just for new pastors, but also for them too!

Listening to Understand

It seems too simple: Just Listen. It’s not a simple practice though; it takes time to form a healthy and life giving listening habit. Will you take the time?

5 to Thrive

“Forward, Always Forward, Everywhere Forward” was the motto of the founder of the college I went to school. Boniface Wimmer was set on always bettering himself, the abbey, and the students he mentored. I’ve been following a personal development coach online so I figured why not do the same thing for our parishes!?

Are You Insane?

Do you need to change the game? Are you just living the definition of insanity by doing the same thing over and over again expecting it to change things? If we want something new, we need to do something new!