Let’s Discuss: Millennial Moms

I’ve been following Katie Pregjean McGrady off and on for quite a few years. She has two darling little girls who light up her social media feed along with the extensive travel schedule she once kept. Those are two things I love to see while scrolling. Then a little while ago she was offered a radio show on The Catholic Channel and it changed the space she evangelized from, but it hasn’t changed her message.

Build a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

Bishop Barron’s ministry focuses a lot on the ‘nones’ … and he has an idea that every parish should do to bring the nones back over the next 10 years. Will your parish step up to the calling?

Generations of Leadership

What’s the make-up of the leadership in your parish? Are you employing and empowering leaders in all of the generations you’re serving to step up? Or does everyone in leadership look, act, and think the same? We need diversity if we’re going to serve a diverse congregation!

Millennials & Tithing

Oh TITHING – an 7 letter word that is not only hard to explain and talk about, it’s hard to do. The worth tithe is derived from 1/10th, so 10% of my time (144 minutes or 2 hours, 24 minutes a day), 10% of my talent (how do you even quantify that), and 10% of my treasure (gross or net pay? Assets too?). Is it enough? Am I keeping anything for myself? What if there isn’t enough left over? Are these questions disciples ask?

Millennials & Catholic Parishes

I love when an article online perfectly articulates what I’ve been thinking but can’t figure out how to say. Tom does this in a recent Aleteia article about millennials and Catholic parishes. What to do and what not to do, and it’s not what you think!

Millennials & Stewardship (pt 2)

In a previous post (August 2017), we discussed two of the four pillars of Stewardship (Hospitality and Formation) as they relate to Millennials with some Do’s and Don’t’s. Today we will discuss the other two pillars of Stewardship: Prayer and Service Remember: Millennials make up more than 75 million Americans and most people think they…

Millennials & Stewardship (pt 1)

​The Do’s & Don’ts of Stewardship for Millennials What do Stewardship & Millennials have in common? They are extremely misunderstood. Most people think (and unfortunately many parishes teach) that Stewardship is all about money because they focus on the Stewardship of Treasure drive at the parish. We know that a Stewardship Parish does not center…