What I Learned by Listening

Sometime in November we were given a letter from our Bishop about the upcoming Synod, alerting us that our parish was going to be asking us to participate in the spring. Then in the middle of February there was a bulletin announcement about it, which I walked up to my pastor after Mass pointing to saying, “What are we doing about this? I’d like to help – this is kinda what I do for work.” He assured me there was a plan and a man named Tom was going to talk about it in a couple of weeks asking for volunteers. He said to volunteer when the time came, he’d love to have me participate.

Listening in Prayer

Wrapping up our week about listening with “Listening in Prayer.” The most important listening we do … where we are understood as we listen to the Lord and He listens to us. Don’t skip this post because “you’re prayer life is good” … this podcast episode is fantastic and prayer is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you do in your ministry!!

Listening to Understand

It seems too simple: Just Listen. It’s not a simple practice though; it takes time to form a healthy and life giving listening habit. Will you take the time?

Some Great Podcasts

If Fulton Sheen were still alive, I think he’d be using podcasts to evangelize! In his absence, hundreds of amazing Catholics are using this form of media to help us learn more about our faith and dive into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Are you listening? Today I’m sharing about 4 of of my favorite spiritual growth podcasts … what would you add to the list?