Generations of Leadership

What’s the make-up of the leadership in your parish? Are you employing and empowering leaders in all of the generations you’re serving to step up? Or does everyone in leadership look, act, and think the same? We need diversity if we’re going to serve a diverse congregation!

Post-Its & Process

Every other day someone is telling me about a new process or way of doing things. Just the other day my pastor and I were chatting about some of the processes and activities we did when I was the Office Manager there about communication and personality. Having a good process for obtaining feedback and creating a plan is critical to our success. I’ve started using post-its and survey questions to help parishes!

We Tried That Before

I know what you’re thinking “those are great ideas regarding youth and evangelization, but we’ve done it all before and it doesn’t make a difference.” The truth is that they can make a difference, we can make a difference – we just need to ‘keep swimming’ as a famous fish once said. We keep trying because the most important thing is on the line: the salvation of souls, the building up of the kingdom, the mission given to us by Christ!