Time to Innovate

A couple of years ago our OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation began something called OSV Talks around the same time they introduced the OSV Challenge. The goal of the challenge, the talks, and the institute is about INNOVATION in the Church. How can we have the biggest impact in sharing the message of the Gospel and living our mission.

Reflecting on 2021

As I turn the calendar from one year to the next, I typically take some time to look at what worked and what didn’t so I can adjust for the new year. How often do you do this type of reflection in parish work? If you’re anything like me when I was in ministry, probably not all that often. If you do this already, great job!!

2020 Innovation Challenge Winners

Did you know that the OSV Institute has been hosting an Innovation Challenge these past 12 months? Well, if not, these are some great Catholic Organizations to check out. The 12 finalists are all outlined here on the Challenge Website. After a year of preparation, this past Saturday was Demo Day.