Hospitality for Christmas Revisited

This is a re-post from a couple of years ago – and since we’re about to enter our second pandemic Christmas, I thought it was time to revisit hospitality! Many parishes had a reservation system last year because they were limiting seating due to local social distancing regulations. Some of you might be doing that again this year. However most parishes I’m speaking to are back to regular capacity with about 60 to 85 percent of parishioners returning to Mass.

Hospitality for Christmas

Christmas is one of the times of the year when “almost everyone goes to Church.” What will you and your parish do this year to be welcoming to the many guests you don’t see each week?

Christmas is Just Beginning

Christmas comes but once a year, Now it’s here, now it’s here, Bringing lots of joy and cheer, Tra la la la la … You and me and he and she, And we are glad because, Why because, because, because, There is a Baby Jesus! (adapted…)

Ideas for Advent

Define Advent: the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. … Here comes the Savior at Christmas! What are we doing to prepare for the coming of the Savior?