Online Bulletins

Communication has always been necessary as a parish, but it’s even more important now. While most parishioners receive their regular news via the weekly printed bulletin, they aren’t in the pews for Mass to receive it.

New Year, New Bulletin

The bulletin is printed every single week and is the most used communication piece for parish communications. Is it the most effective? Read these great tips and make two or three effective changes to your bulletin this year!!

Great Catholic Reads: Marketing God

I read a lot of books – and some of them are good enough to share! This one definitely was so I got permission to give you all a full chapter for free!! Donna’s an expert communicator and marketer, her advice is not to be missed!

Do This Not That : Text Colors

I might not have a talent for great graphic design, but I can point out things that aren’t working. Sometimes the simpler the better. Does this article need a rainbow title so people will read it? No. Should I have words flash and make noise on my website to get people to stay longer? Nope, you sure shouldn’t! Today’s edition of “Do This Not That” is about making a bulletin article stand out!

Be On The Look Out

99.9% of parishes produce a weekly bulletin. Is yours worth reading? What can you do to make it worth reading? If you aren’t willing to change it, then should you even print it?

Image Information

Are you confused about images and how to find good ones? I talk with parishes all the time about how to create a great website, bulletin, or newsletter. Great images are always the answer! So how do you get great images? What images are good to use? Where can I find good ones? Let’s talk!

Music Participation

If I had a dollar for every time I heard the quote “Singing is praying twice” from St. Augustine, I’d have a lot of dollars. Music and singing are two of the most talked about things from Mass!

Lessons from My Vacation

Say I visit Churches wherever I am. I do. I go to Mass, just where I am. And I would go there at the beach. And I would go there while I ski. And I would go there on the street. And I would go there with my friend Pete. … That rhyme might have fallen flat, but I did find some great ideas while at Mass on vacation this summer!

Communication for the Connected

Why did no one show up at that Bible Study? No Communication Why don’t Catholics know what the Church teaches? Bad Communication What can we do about increasing our offertory? Communicate Better What can we do to communicate better? ​Speak the Language your People are listening with: If all of your content is in Spanish and 95% of your…

Get Ready for Vacation

​It’s almost summer and that means vacation!! This typically means two things for the church: Your parishioners are away from the parish visiting the beach or the mountains or family members who are far away. Many Catholics are visiting your parish because it’s a great vacation spot or their families have moved to your city….