Diocesan Forum 2022 Resources

Thank you for participating in the Diocesan Forum! Below you will find recordings, resources, links, and presentations.

If you haven’t completed your evaluation, we would greatly appreciate the feedback! We want to make this event fruitful for all involved, and we can only do that with your feedback. You can still complete that at this link:

Tuesday, June 7th

Jason Deuterman

Some of the resources Jason shared throughout his presentation. The book he references that he began learning about design thinking is Sprint. You can watch the Brené Brown short on empathy he referenced here, it’s worth a few minutes every couple of months as a refresher. The Curiosity Index he has us take can be downloaded and shared with whoever you think will find it useful. Click for the pain storming outline and design thinking chart. You can check out Jason’s OSV Talk here.

Joanie Lewis

Download the presentation for reference here. Check out the podcast from Diocese of Springfield referenced and the article on time, action, and relationships.

Wednesday, June 8th

Patti Maldonado & Dcn. Charlie Echeverry

You can download the presentation here. Check out Deacon Charlie’s OSV Talk entitled Liturgical Orphans.

Presentation from Dcn Charlie
Small Group Sharing

Sheila from the Diocese of Wilmington shared her Ofrenda with the group. She shares: “When I implemented this as a pilot in the Diocese of Camden, we increased engagement by 300%. The Ofrenda meets the Latino community where they are and how they prefer to donate financially, usually in a spiritual, ceremonial manner. We provide this as an alternative to commitment weekend traditions. A – colorful envelope accompanies it for the offering. Some parishes choose to use the Ofrenda a few times each year. The Ofrenda was developed by a team of representatives from the Hispanic community, including parishioners, leaders in ministry as well as Clergy.” You can download it in English or Spanish.

Carla from the Diocese of Venice shared about her handbook for Stewardship for the Hispanic Community which can be downloaded here and her trifold.

Joanie Lewis on Appeals

You can download the presentation here or find more information at OSV.com.

Domingo Betancourt on Capital Campaigns

You can download the presentation here or find more information at OSV.com.

Katie Herzing on Leadership Training & Vision Planning

You can download the presentation here or find more information at OSV.com.

Thursday, June 9th

National Eucharistic Revival

You can download the PowerPoint Karin shared at this link, download the brief, or check out OSV.com for more information. Corpus Christi Novena (English & Spanish).

Participant Challenges & Successes

Diocese of San Jose

ADA website and Short & Long Videos

Diocese of Houma Thibodaux

Appeal Website and Welcome Packet which includes: 1. a Welcome Letter. 2. Previous year Impact Report 3. Prayer card 4. Copied thank you message from a seminarian with their picture and 5. Recurring society info. We also take that welcome message and do it via an email so they are used to getting emails from ‘the Bishop’. Amy Ponson, Executive Director Catholic Foundation 985.850.3116, aponson@htdiocese.org.

Diocese of Wilmington

Appeal Website

Diocese of Toledo

Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana

Some of the resources shared: Uniting in Heart website, timeline, road show flyer.