Defying Statistics

Some people are saying that the Church is dying … I think those people are wrong. There’s so much good happening in the Church, we just need to focus on it! Check out these 4 Dioceses (plus a bonus in the Carolinas) that are defying the statistics!

Listening to Connect

Most people would consider themselves excellent listeners. In my experience that’s not always the case. I find myself saying “I’m not sure you heard what I meant, let me try again” pretty frequently. I also find myself saying, “Did you mean ….?” a lot. It’s not just about intention, it’s about connection. How are we connecting to one another in the midst of our conversation?

Blessed Conversations

Culture is made from conversations. How we relate to others happens through conversations. What if we completely changed the way we spoke to one another? Do you think we could transform the culture? I do! Let’s start transforming conversations!!

Missing Mass and Mortal Sins

Do most people equate missing Mass on Sunday with Mortal Sins like murder or adultery? The Church tells us that grave matter is grave matter – and missing Sunday Mass is grave matter. But do most Catholics believe that? Is that a motivator to get them to Mass?

Be Where the People Are

What if you did something different? What if you prayed in a place where most people aren’t doing that? What if you did something to share the Gospel that no one’s ever done before? What if that thing changed everything?

How Many Do You Know By Name?

Whether we’re bad with names or good with names, it’s important to know that names matter. How can we be called a family is we don’t even know each other’s names? If I didn’t know my siblings or first cousins names, would you consider me part of that family? Yet, most of us don’t know the names of the people in our parish families!

Time for Prayer

I don’t know if St. Francis de Sales really said this, but a wise youth minister told me once: “You should be making a holy hour every day – and if you don’t have time because you’re too busy – then you should make two.” I’ve also heard “Don’t get too busy doing the Lord’s work that you forget about the Lord.”

Digital Evangelization

Social Media is a place where people spend a significant amount of their lives. What are you doing to use it as a tool for evangelizing and sharing the gospel!

Millennials & Catholic Parishes

I love when an article online perfectly articulates what I’ve been thinking but can’t figure out how to say. Tom does this in a recent Aleteia article about millennials and Catholic parishes. What to do and what not to do, and it’s not what you think!

So You’re Getting a New Pastor

We’ve all be through it and some of us are going to go through it again soon. It’s about time for new priest assignments to come out, and my parish is getting one.