Let’s Discuss: Small Moment Catechesis

As we begin a new school year, I thought it would be a good month to listen to Ela Milewska’s OSV Talk entitled “Catechesis in Small Moments.” Ela has served in a few different dioceses and parishes in the role of catechist and youth minister. She has trained youth ministry and catechetical leaders, catechists, and educators across the United States and internationally. Currently she serves as the executive director of the Department of Youth Faith Formation in the Archdiocese of New York overseeing the ministries that help parishes form young people and their families from baptism to twelfth grade. 

Let’s Discuss: Millennial Moms

I’ve been following Katie Pregjean McGrady off and on for quite a few years. She has two darling little girls who light up her social media feed along with the extensive travel schedule she once kept. Those are two things I love to see while scrolling. Then a little while ago she was offered a radio show on The Catholic Channel and it changed the space she evangelized from, but it hasn’t changed her message.

Pete, the Basement, & Young Adults

I’ve been taking my time listening to the newly released OSV Talks and found one from 2020 that I hadn’t listened to yet. I met Pete Burak years ago when I attended a conference of Millennials and the Church. He is the director of id, the young adult outreach of Renewal Ministries. As I watched his OSV Talk, I was remembering all of the young adult events I’ve attended in the Church basement with bad food that seemed like an after thought for the parish. I even ran a young adult ministry that did all the wrong things, trying to aim for a target I more often than not missed.

Back to Normal

The latest OSV Talks video really struck me when I watched it last week. It’s entitled “What If They Don’t Come Back?” Dan talks about what if people don’t come back but also what if we all just “went back to normal?” … Would it be okay to go back to February 2020 and pretend like the last 10 months never happened?


Earlier this year, the OSV Institute sponsored an event (the first of many) called “OSV Talks.” The goal was to mimic the format of TED Talk Conferences and inspire the Church to be creative in Her efforts to Evangelize and share the message of the Gospel.