Ever go down an Internet Rabbit Hole? You know, when you read a great article then another then everything that author’s ever written and all of a sudden too much time has passed? No, just me then? Well, I’ll save you the trouble of all the reading and just share the article I stopped on that made me think. What your greeter ministry is doing wrong and how it can be better! … More Greeters

Movie Nights

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, “That changed my life”? Many people have experienced a deepening of faith watching the movies produced by a small church in the middle of Georgia. Why? Because they heard a call from the Lord and then took action. … More Movie Nights

The Eucharist: Source and Summit

I can’t remember when I learned that the bread and wine actually became the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. I don’t know if there’s been a time when I haven’t believed that, to be honest. That could be because I grew up in a parish school that focused on teaching us the importance of the Mass and provided regular Eucharistic Adoration. It was a teaching that “stuck” for me. … More The Eucharist: Source and Summit

Meal Trains

It wasn’t flashy, it didn’t take hours to do, but it did help someone who needed some dinner and a little love today. For me cooking is an act of love – and I’m not the only one. What if you helped your parishioners by creating a ministry of acts of love through meals? … More Meal Trains

Do This Not That : Text Colors

I might not have a talent for great graphic design, but I can point out things that aren’t working. Sometimes the simpler the better. Does this article need a rainbow title so people will read it? No. Should I have words flash and make noise on my website to get people to stay longer? Nope, you sure shouldn’t! Today’s edition of “Do This Not That” is about making a bulletin article stand out! … More Do This Not That : Text Colors