Dig a Little Deeper

Every month I gather with a few members of our team and walk through some elements of Conversation and Emotional Intelligence. We take an hour to reflect on what’s worked well this past month and learn about a new area where we can grow as a team. In the previous twelve months these monthly sessions have fundamentally changed the way this team relates to one another and other teams in the company.

Upcoming Webinar

I rarely advertise for our upcoming webinars here at Transform Your Parish but I’m making an exception. Will you join me Wednesday, August 26th at 2 pm Eastern for a webinar I’m hosting with a co-worker?

Change Is Hard

Catholics love change. Ha! In opposite land maybe. We love Tradition, it’s literally one of the pillars that we’re built upon: Scripture and Tradition. Even thought we don’t love change, we are capable of it. We’re all capable of change, but did you know that we have different styles of change?