A Conversation

Join us for a “Conversation with Coach Katie” to find out! I’d love to have you on my new webinar where we talk what we’re hearing from parishioners to these very intriguing questions.

#GiveHim21 Easter Edition

A few parishes have been embracing the #GiveHim21 campaign for Lent and asked for more ideas for Easter. I know we’re only in the early weeks of Lent (Day 17 as I write this), but we need to plan ahead! So I wanted to share some non-Lenten ideas to continue the momentum.

On Competition

Dear Catholic Parishes, You are not in competition with one another. Stop acting like it. Blessings, Katie

Words change Culture

We’re living in a broken culture – one that seems to value division over unity and being right over being charitable. Conversations seem to begin with defensiveness – which as Byron Katie says is the first act of war.

An American Experience

Did you know around 40% of Catholics in the United States are Latinx. Under the age of 18, the percentage climbs to 60%. That’s a large cohort of Catholics that cannot be ignored – and the solution is more than a Spanish translation.

Grandparents Day

I was really blessed to grow up around both sets of grandparents. They each lived within a 5 minute drive – one was on the way to the other actually. I spent a lot of time with them – but as middle school kids want to do – I complained about it a lot. “We’re going to grandma’s again?” – complete with an eye roll.

Give Him 21 Lent Edition

Back in December I wrote a post about giving the Lord 21 of something in 2021. I thought it would be good to revive this for Lent and include some graphics you can use. We talked earlier this week about a Lenten resolution for the whole parish. 21 minutes a day with the Lord is a great one. I hope you’ll share these with your parish !

Welcoming on Ash Wednesday

When I worked at the parish I almost dreaded Ash Wednesday. Not because Lent was beginning, but because of the number of calls that came in asking about Mass times and the plethora of cars in the parking lot all day long. I was happy that people were beginning this beautiful season with the Lord, but I didn’t really want to be anywhere near it.

Surprised by Lent

I am frequently surprised by Lent. Both in my personal life and here in this newsletter. I’m typically writing about Lent the week after it starts. I’m always looking for the time between Christmas and the beginning of Lent to be longer, an extension of this very short season of Ordinary Time. This past Sunday our pastor reminded us of the upcoming penitential season in the opening announcements, encouraging us to begin considering how we will spend the time growing closer to the Lord.

Year of St. Joseph

The Holy Father announced a Year of St. Joseph a few weeks ago. How is your parish embracing a devotion to this holy man? Have you thought of anything? My diocese actually just concluded a year dedicated to St. Joseph – so I thought I’d share a few ideas. Offer a parish-wide Consecration to St….