About Katie Herzing, Parish Coach


Katie Herzing is our Senior Parish Coach at Our Sunday Visitor. She works with churches throughout the United States to create a written vision for their parish to transform focusing on evangelization, communication, hospitality, formation, and more.

Katie brings over a decade of church work experience to each of her coaching sessions. For the past 10 years, Katie has worked in the parish in religious education, parish office management, and youth ministry in the Diocese of Charlotte.  She has a passion for youth and young adults to ensure that the beauty of the Church is spread to all future generations.

Katie is also certified in Conversational IntelligenceĀ®, a coaching program focused on changing conversation based on neuroscience to change relationships and transform our culture! Additionally, Katie is certified to administer the Change Style Indicator, coach groups through Navigating Change, and administer the ECHO Listening IntelligenceĀ® Profile.

Her focus and passion have brought her to aiding parishes nationwide in creating vision plans in order to share the gospel in the 21st century, celebrate mission, stabilize offertory, and share stories of thriving parishes. She writes every week about amazing things happening in parishes all over the United States here at TransformYourParish.com. Subscribe for weekly inspiration for stronger communication, evangelization, stewardship, and more!