Free Virtual Conference on the Eucharist

As you know we are in the first year of the National Eucharistic Revival – beginning with the Diocese. Many are asking: “What does this look like?” and “What should we do?” and “Aside from attending Mass regularly what does it mean to be ‘more Eucharistic’?” and “Can you just tell me more about what this might look like?” … That is not an exhaustive list of questions, nor is it a series of quotes from others, but I know it’s questions I’ve been asking myself.

Last month I shared about the idea of a Family Holy Hour to teach children about how to pray and give them the space to get it right and wrong and be loud and quiet. I also really appreciated this article from Lenny DeLorenzo to young Catholics about “being Eucharistic” (part 1, part 2) that is worth a read and maybe a whole Holy Hour to unpack.

This week I found out about a Virtual Catholic Conference focused on the National Eucharistic Revival that I think is worth your time. It’s September 22nd to 24th, is free, and takes place entirely online. I registered myself and am looking forward to many of the speakers – it’s quite the line up. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some insights or ideas in the coming months from the talks, but would love for you to join me. You can register here, all you need is a first name and an email address, which I know you all have!

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