Let’s Discuss: Millennial Moms

Each month I’m going to share an OSV Talk we can listen to and discuss together. These talks are intended to “get the Church talking” and are a wonderful way to dive deeper into a particular topic. I had the privilege of preparing and delivering my own talk in June of 2022 which will be released sometime in 2023 – I’ll share it when it is. The library of talks includes topics of ministry, suffering, Liturgical music, what it means to be human, innovation, evangelization, and more. There’s something we can all learn from each of these talks, and they just might change our ministry and the world if we let them! Catch up on past posts here.

I’ve been following Katie Pregjean McGrady off and on for quite a few years. She has two darling little girls who light up her social media feed along with the extensive travel schedule she once kept. Those are two things I love to see while scrolling. Then a little while ago she was offered a radio show on The Catholic Channel and it changed the space she evangelized from, but it hasn’t changed her message.

Her talk and interview that can be found at this page (or watched above) caught my eye because of the title “Unleashing the Power of the Millennial Catholic Mom.” As a millennial, I’m always intrigued about what someone is going to say about us – many time it’s a negative thing, something else we’ve ruined or another way we’re just the worst. I was once told I was, “very articulate, for a millennial” by someone who’d met me just days before. I guess it was supposed to be a compliment?

Katie begins her talk with a story about her daughter’s integration of Instagram within her play. This causes her to reflect on the impact of Instagram and other social media on her own life, and her motherhood. What are we sharing, and why are we sharing it? She asks, “How much of this social media life has ended up stereotyping all of these millennial moms into categories?” The Stereotypes: the crunchy mom, the homeschooling mom, the work from home mom, the work outside the home mom, the mom who tries to do it all, the mom who tries to give the allusion that she has it all together, the hot mess express, and ultimately the mom who looks at all these other moms and wonders “am I good enough?” … and in the midst of it all the Catholic mom.

So often the Catholic mom sits back and wonders, “Are we doing it right? Will our kids stay Catholic? Do they actually know Jesus?”

Those final three questions are the real crux of her talk. She continues to explore how these moms search for answers to those questions, and Katie is quite vulnerable when she talks about how lonely this can be. Social Media seems to offer the answer, but it can also be quite isolating as one gets lost in her motherhood.

She continues by talking about comparison; how moms contribute to the Church, the world, and her family; and how to make space for moms to have true community within the Church.

I encourage you to gather together with other ministry leaders in your parish, watch the talk together, and then have a discussion about how we can “get the Church talking” about this topic:

  1. For those who are mothers in the group, what is your experience of being a mom and being a member of a Catholic parish?
  2. If you’re a mom of older children, what was most beneficial when you were raising young children?
  3. What ways does your parish serve mothers and families?
  4. Where can you build true community where moms can be seen, known, and loved like Katie speaks of in her talk?
  5. What can you include in your upcoming parish plan that celebrates moms, provides opportunities to grow community, and taps into the power of moms?

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