Photo Resources

As you’ve probably heard more than once, “A photo’s worth a thousand words.” Before coming to OSV I worked in a parish and one of my jobs was our parish website and our social media. The “king” of digital is great photos. A compelling or fun photo seems to capture us online, but we can’t…

Let’s Discuss: Millennial Moms

I’ve been following Katie Pregjean McGrady off and on for quite a few years. She has two darling little girls who light up her social media feed along with the extensive travel schedule she once kept. Those are two things I love to see while scrolling. Then a little while ago she was offered a radio show on The Catholic Channel and it changed the space she evangelized from, but it hasn’t changed her message.

Family Holy Hours

One of the trademark characteristics of Eucharistic Adoration is silence. While I don’t have any little ones, one of their trademark characteristics is the opposite of silence. So how can we make Eucharistic Adoration more accessible for families?