INTO LIFE: Love Changes Everything

In a newsletter I read regularly, I saw this new course produced by the Sisters of Life and the McGrath Institute for Church Life that I have to share with you. It’s called “Into Life: Love Changes Everything” and it’s free! We’re in a strange place as we wait for the official decision from SCOTUS on Mississippi vs. Dobbs. The beginning of a new way of operating in the pro-life movement, or really a new starting point to walk with women experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

There are so many great groups, ministries, apostolates, individuals in the Church who are doing this work – the Sisters of Life is one of them. I read something in an article the other day that really struck me:

What is most striking to me is that [the Sisters of Life] are not endlessly talking about the evil of abortion. They look a woman in the eye. They give her respite. They love her back into life. It’s only when she feels human again that they will talk about her pregnancy and options. Sometimes she has the abortion anyway, so inundated she is with pressure to abort. Sometimes she becomes part of the family. 


I hear many people express this same need in the Church, but then, like myself, they ask “How can we do that too? What should we say, promote, have, etc?” This course gives so many resources! They have videos, discussion questions, a facilitator workbook, and a participant workbook. It’s an amazing gift to the pro-life movement – always needed, but especially now. I invite you to check out the trailer and maybe do it as a reinvigoration of your Respect Life Ministry this summer – or with anyone in the parish who is interested.

The Sisters of Life and the McGrath Institute for Church Life team up with CampCampo Films to bring you an original 12-part video series based on the work of the Sisters serving women who are pregnant. Journey with the Sisters of Life as they explain what it means to walk with a woman who is pregnant and vulnerable. Learn how to listen and understand the heart of another, how to rejoice in the beauty of the individual person in an encounter of hope, and how to truly accompany someone into God’s life and freedom.

For more information, visit:

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