Celebrating John the Baptist

I’ve been working with parishes over the past year to create plans and many of them include “Helping families embrace Liturgical Living to build up the Domestic Church.” One of the members of our team asked, “What does that mean? Concretely what would that look like?” I was reminded of something I read on Catholic All Year awhile ago that I’d like to share with you this week. This would be a great event to share with families to do at home. It would also be a great parish event to kick off the summer.

As a celebration on the Eve of the Feast of St. John Baptist, her family gathers around a big bon fire that signifies the way that John’s ministry lit the way for Jesus.’ They also do a water fight – you know to symbolize all that baptizing John did!

Great food – honey, locusts, grasshopper pie (some of those sound more delightful than others). A birthday party celebration fit for the cousin of the Lord!

Here’s a quick video where she walks through what they do as an example – but have fun with it!

Looks Like Fun!!

You can read more on her website about the event – or any other of the hundreds of liturgical living options for families.

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