INTO LIFE: Love Changes Everything

In a newsletter I read regularly, I saw this new course produced by the Sisters of Life and the McGrath Institute for Church Life that I have to share with you. It’s called “Into Life: Love Changes Everything” and it’s free! We’re in a strange place as we wait for the official decision from SCOTUS on Mississippi vs. Dobbs. The beginning of a new way of operating in the pro-life movement, or really a new starting point to walk with women experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

Celebrating John the Baptist

I’ve been working with parishes over the past year to create plans and many of them include “Helping families embrace Liturgical Living to build up the Domestic Church.” One of the members of our team asked, “What does that mean? Concretely what would that look like?” I was reminded of something I read on Catholic All Year awhile ago that I’d like to share with you this week. This would be a great event to share with families to do at home. It would also be a great parish event to kick off the summer.

The Time Is Now

I met with a parish council today to talk about our Parish Vision Plan solution, and I couldn’t help but think they’re so much like most of the parishes I work with. The answer to what they were asking, and what so many ask, is simply: Time, Action, and Relationships.