Pete, the Basement, & Young Adults

I’ve been taking my time listening to the newly released OSV Talks and found one from 2020 that I hadn’t listened to yet. I met Pete Burak years ago when I attended a conference of Millennials and the Church. He is the director of id, the young adult outreach of Renewal Ministries. As I watched his OSV Talk, I was remembering all of the young adult events I’ve attended in the Church basement with bad food that seemed like an after thought for the parish. I even ran a young adult ministry that did all the wrong things, trying to aim for a target I more often than not missed.

There’s also an interview with him and a podcast to dig in a little deeper. They can be found here.

And some questions for discussion. Take some time with your parish staff to think about young adult ministry at your parish. Use these questions to help the discussion along:

  • How do you honestly view the Millennial generation? (A mystery, too much work, too difficult, above my paygrade, not my problem?) Or full of potential, world changers, passionate, and integral to the mission and vision of the Church?
  • What have we been intentionally or unintentionally communicating this generation by the ways we’ve doing young adult ministry?
  • In what ways can your community identify, raise up, and commission young adult leaders?
  • How can we help young adults experience and learn the Church’s answers to the big questions of life?
  • Young adults everywhere are longing for community, what the necessary elements of Catholic community and what can you do to see it grow?

One of my favorite things from Pete’s talk is the idea that, according to the USCCB definition, Jesus was a young adult (18-39) and mostly ministered to young adults during his public ministry. Does that change how you see this powerful generation?

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