Pete, the Basement, & Young Adults

I’ve been taking my time listening to the newly released OSV Talks and found one from 2020 that I hadn’t listened to yet. I met Pete Burak years ago when I attended a conference of Millennials and the Church. He is the director of id, the young adult outreach of Renewal Ministries. As I watched his OSV Talk, I was remembering all of the young adult events I’ve attended in the Church basement with bad food that seemed like an after thought for the parish. I even ran a young adult ministry that did all the wrong things, trying to aim for a target I more often than not missed.

What I Learned by Listening

Sometime in November we were given a letter from our Bishop about the upcoming Synod, alerting us that our parish was going to be asking us to participate in the spring. Then in the middle of February there was a bulletin announcement about it, which I walked up to my pastor after Mass pointing to saying, “What are we doing about this? I’d like to help – this is kinda what I do for work.” He assured me there was a plan and a man named Tom was going to talk about it in a couple of weeks asking for volunteers. He said to volunteer when the time came, he’d love to have me participate.

As if for the First Time

This morning I walked into my office and noticed that my crepe myrtle tree has buds on it. They weren’t there yesterday, and today I’m amazed at how the Lord has designed spring to be. Over the past year, I planted so many flowers and trees in my new yard, and now it’s like I’m experiencing spring for the first time. I see the redbud trees everywhere (including my back yard) and, as my best friend always says, “they’re the best reminder of spring and beauty – they show up in the most unexpected places where it’s dark and dead looking in the forest, then their purple flowers come out and shout SPRING IS HERE!”