Community & Discipleship

I can be easily captured by a good headline, and this one caught me today: “Have we lost our sense of discipleship during the pandemic? Here are ways to reengage.” I moved during the pandemic and find myself at a new parish. Getting involved when there’s nothing but Mass happening on a regular basis has been hard. I love my new parish’s Liturgical Style, I even see some familiar faces each week, but I haven’t found a strong sense of community yet. I haven’t gotten deeply ingrained in the community yet – and the reason? Maybe a bit of my introverted self, but also we don’t know how to build community in the middle of a pandemic.

Hence me being captured by the article!

Father Robert Hater breaks it down into five different sections, each with questions for reflection or discussion. This would be a great Lenten study for your Parish Staff or Pastoral Councils!

The topics:

  1. Christian disciples as incarnational people
  2. Christian disciples choose people over things
  3. Christian disciples and the digital social network
  4. Christian disciples in the making
  5. Christian disciples formed in the family

Some might be thinking, “We do not have time for this – there’s so much going on, and we’re still trying to recover from the pandemic.”

If you’re thinking that, or something similar, you need to make time for something like this. True Discipleship is what will save us – it’s not about a program, but a relationship with those we see each week and those we’re missing in our pews.

Disciples of Jesus become Saints in Heaven – and we are in the business of forming Saints!

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