A Parish-Wide Lenten Calendar

Can you believe Lent begins in less than a month? It’s our 3rd Lent in a Global Pandemic (may it be our last!), so I thought we could use a new idea for what to do as a parish. (Full Disclosure, this is actually an old idea a friend used to do at his parish when he was the pastor years ago.)

They would make a Parish-Wide Lenten Calendar. Each day of Lent had a different sacrifice, good idea, or prayer opportunity that was created by the parishioners and then embraced by all. Then instead of choosing one sacrifice for all of Lent, they had 40 different ones. While Lent wasn’t filled with a single sacrifice, the entire parish was focused on a similar one each day.

While writing this I remembered I did one when I was a youth minister almost a decade ago – there are some easy ones and some more difficult sacrifices on it. Thought I’d share for some inspiration!

Now, more than ever, we need to be creative – something small like this might inspire someone to take a second look at faith. A priest I knew as a child came back to the faith and entered the monastery because while eating a hamburger at McDonald’s on Ash Wednesday he saw someone walk by with ashes on their forehead. Every small thing matters to someone.

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