Time to Innovate

A couple of years ago our OSV Institute for Catholic Innovation began something called OSV Talks around the same time they introduced the OSV Challenge. The goal of the challenge, the talks, and the institute is about INNOVATION in the Church. How can we have the biggest impact in sharing the message of the Gospel and living our mission.

In the Challenge’s first two years hundreds of Catholics have put forth their ideas for innovation for a chance to win one of the 3 $100,000 prizes for seed money. There have been some amazing ideas put forth – really innovative ways of spreading the faith and inviting people into deeper relationship with God. Check them out – this might be just what you’re looking for at your parish in 2022!

This year they’re doing something different with 4 different tracks for the challenge: Creative Arts, Entrepreneur, Parish & Diocese, and Technology. This year there will be 5 $100,000 prizes. We’re looking for parishes and dioceses to take part!! Are you ready to innovate?

I spoke to Stephanie Mahoney, the project lead for the OSV Challenge about how you can apply!

Who can apply?

Any parish or diocesan employee or group who has an idea for innovation in the Church. The idea can be big or small, but is focused on living out your mission in a new way.

Why would a parish apply?

The final goal isn’t just the prize, but rather a parish who’s got the beginning of a napkin idea they want to flush it out. There will be a “Napkin Idea Bootcamp” to help those ideas bear fruit. Throughout the entire process there’s guidance, mentoring, and resources shared throughout the process. Just by applying you’ll get great ideas and resources to help me your idea real.

What kinds of projects will be considered?

We aren’t looking for ideas that simply put a new paint color on something that’s been done before, but rather a game changer that looks at mission in a new way. This doesn’t mean it needs to be a big idea, but ideas that have the potential for a big impact in the Church.

What you can expect?

Applications open on January 31st, and can be submitted here through February 18th at noon eastern.

On February 2nd there will be a Live, Virtual Question and Answer session (register here).

This process is different than any other grant application process than you’ve ever experienced before. It’s more than giving money to an idea – it’s about providing support, direction, resources, and inspiration to all of the ideas that apply no matter if they make it to the final round or not. Our goal is innovation and to have the biggest impact on the Church we can. For a full timeline, go to this link and scroll down.

I can’t wait to see your idea!!

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