Some Ideas for Advent

The end of the Church year is rapidly approaching and that means Advent is almost here! As you prepare for the season of anticipation, how about trying a few of these ideas.

A New Year’s Eve Party

The Church year begins with the 1st Sunday of Advent, so why not have a New Year’s Eve party the night before. Host a parish potluck, game night, or something else on Saturday, November 27th to ring in the new year. People could even share their Liturgical New Year’s resolutions with the group. Ways they want to be more involved in their faith this year!

Advent Wreath Making

This is a pretty common activity for parishes, but maybe you skipped last year because of gathering restrictions and want to start again. It’s a great activity for families typically done by parishes on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Be sure to invite all family types including older couples, single people, empty nesters, and teens along with all of the little ones in Religious Education.

Weekly Adoration

We could all use a little more time in Adoration any time of the year, but Advent is a great time to spend some quiet time with the Lord. To sit and wait in anticipation of His coming. Plan to have a weekly Holy Hour for the parish in the evenings, maybe followed by a simple supper or just quiet time with the Lord.

What else will your parish do this year to prepare for the coming of Christ?

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