Try Something New

One of the most common comments on surveys when asked about “Adult Education Topics” is “Basics of the Faith.” I’ve written about this recently, you might remember. Then I saw this new initiative that launched right after Labor Dat called “Real + True.” It’s an effort to take the Catechism and make it come alive, to showcase it’s relevancy.

It’s a completely different way of looking at Church teaching and would be an awesome study this year for your youth group, young adult ministry, Confirmation class, adult small groups, or even your senior ministry! The Catechism is relevant to us all.

Another common survey response is to see that more than 60% of respondents “Consider Church Teaching when making decisions” on a daily basis. This is a great way to form Catholics on what exactly the Church teaches about God, Humanity, and the World.

Read more about it in this article or this one – or check it out for yourself here.

This post on their page is a great place to start because it shares how the content is organized!

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