Restful Spirituality

Since Memorial Day weekend, I’ve been go, go, go. I closed on my newly built house. I unpacked dozens of boxes, shelved hundreds of books, hung way too many picture frames, and put together a lot of furniture. Then I ran a virtual three-day conference followed by a week in Indiana meeting with parishes. That was all just the first three weeks of June!

Then I taught myself how to mow a lawn (yes, I got to my mid-30s without this experience), stained a deck, planted a few flowers, and pulled a lot of weeds.

My parent’s visited for a week right after the Forth of July and we put up ceiling fans, prettier lights, and fancy faucets. Then I traveled five weeks in a row to meet with even more parishes in Indiana.

My summer has been fantastic and tiring.

So when I read this essay today, I was struck. Really by the simplicity of it. We’re always talking about ways we can make the Mass more engaging, more exciting, more, more, more. When really everything we need is already there – and the real need is encounter.

An encounter with the living God. For those of us who already have a relationship with the Lord, take some time to rest in his presence. Participate, yes – but also to remember Who you’re there to see.

For those you know who have not yet had an encounter with the Lord, take time to share about this beautiful experience with them. Talk about how meaningful it is when someone just sits in silence with you to listen, to share in your sorrow or your joy. Be vulnerable about your own faith and listen to their story.

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