Work Life Balance for Gen Z

One of my favorite discovers of the previous year has been Springtide Research. I’ve shared about them in the past (here). I recently received a preview of their new work Work/Life: Helping Gen Z Flourish & Find Balance, which is quite insightful.

In their previous work, they’ve examined the need for belonging, relational authority, and even navigating politics and holiday events for Gen Z. Their research is both qualitive and quantitative focusing on young people ages 13 to 25.

This work examines what young people mean when they say “I want a good work – life balance in the future.” Those words have become the new buzz words of the business world, very rarely defined in actionable ways for employers to engage their employees. We ask those same questions at OSV.

So how can we increase engagement of young people at work? Is this something parishes should consider? If you want to hire the next generation to do ministry, I’d say the answer is a resounding yes. It’s unfair to believe that Gen Z will operate the same as Baby Boomers since they’ve grown up in a completely different culture. So take some time to get to know their needs and help them create a work space that benefits both employee and employer.

It’s a known fact that people who are happy with work produce better work – and we want the very best to happen in ministry!

This book comes out this month and it’s not one to miss!

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