Meaning Making

As you read today’s post maybe you’re thinking, “She posts about Springtide Research too often.” It’s because they are doing research that’s speaking to my youth minister’s soul. I want everyone to find a home in the Catholic Church, especially young people. I believe the Catholic Church has what they are seeking – but we do a poor job inviting young people in. Why? I think we don’t really understand them. I think this has probably been true of every new generation, and now I’m just old enough to see a new generation come of age.

This book, Meaning Making: 8 Values that Drive America’s Newest Generations spoke right into my soul. As I ended each chapter, I thought, “How can we live this value in the Church?” Literally what are the practices we could put in place to make this value (one I know we have) be extremely evident when people walk into our communities.

The values are: Accountable, Inclusive, Authentic, Welcoming, Impactful, Relational, Growthful, and Meaningful.

Without changing the Truths of the Church, we can embody each and every one of these values. And not just to create a space where young people feel welcome and known – but a space where all are welcome and known, a space where we are focused on evangelization, relationships, and the salvation of souls.

If you want to evangelize or you work with or love young people, this book is a must read. I doubt many people who frequent my posts aren’t in that category.

If this interests you in a particular way, I’d love to talk to you. I’m even considering how we might read this together and brainstorm some concrete ways to bring these values to action. Would you be interested in that?

If you chose option A or B, can you send me an email with your contact information?

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