Where is the Church

One of my favorite podcasts interviewed Kelli Kelly, “the founder of Hand to Hold – a non-profit in Austin, TX working with hospitals to provide premie parents with education, resources and perhaps most importantly, support and empathy.”

I’m sharing this episode today because as I was listening I couldn’t help but think, “where is the Church?” At the hospital Kelli was in with her own premie, there was a hospital chaplain and a support group – but still there were some things lacking in the support she received.

While the chaplain was helpful for prayer with the family and available, she wanted someone who’d been through it before to walk with her. She mentions that while the support group was good, it lacked empathy in the way that only someone who had been there could provide.

Where could the Church have shown up better for this mom and the thousands like her in the hospital right now? How are we supporting women prior to the Baptism of their child?

Many of your people are suffering alone right now, probably not with a child in the NICU, but I don’t know. How are we meeting them where they’re at and walking with them through their suffering?

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