#GiveHim21 Easter Edition

A few parishes have been embracing the #GiveHim21 campaign for Lent and asked for more ideas for Easter. I know we’re only in the early weeks of Lent (Day 17 as I write this), but we need to plan ahead! So I wanted to share some non-Lenten ideas to continue the momentum.

21 Rosaries in May to Celebrate Our Blessed Mother

Celebrating 21 Blessings each week of Easter

Invite 21 people back to Mass

Pray 21 Divine Mercy Chaplets for all those who are suffering because of Covid-19

Read the 21 chapters of the Gospel of John as a family, small group, neighborhood, parish

Create 21 “Blessing Bags” to hand out to people in need :: These might include a bottle of water, granola bar, socks, $5 gift card to McDonald’s, $5 cash, hand written note saying you’ll be praying for them, a note with information about where to find help, an invitation to an upcoming event at Church :: Then hand these out with eye contact and a smile when you come across someone in need on your way to and from places.

These ideas are a little more challenging than what I’ve offered before. Why? Because if we’re going to transform the world, we need to reach out further from our comfort zone than we already are. Now is the time!

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