The Station Churches

One of my favorite things this Lent is the daily edition of my favorite pilgrimage guide’s podcast: The Catholic Traveler Podcast. Mountain Butorac and Joannie Watson are sharing this beautiful Roman tradition with all of us – and without the ability to travel to Italy in person I am here for it.

Where is the Church

One of my favorite podcasts interviewed Kelli Kelly, “the founder of Hand to Hold – a non-profit in Austin, TX working with hospitals to provide premie parents with education, resources and perhaps most importantly, support and empathy.”

About Young People

I’ve shared about Springtide Research Institute before a few times, but wanted to share this interview from the founder being interviewed by the millennial hosts of Jesuitical. I found it to be interesting listening to Dr. Josh Packard speak about this next generation – the members of our Church who are under 25. They’re looking for something specific from the Church, and I’m not sure we’re delivering.

A Conversation

Join us for a “Conversation with Coach Katie” to find out! I’d love to have you on my new webinar where we talk what we’re hearing from parishioners to these very intriguing questions.

#GiveHim21 Easter Edition

A few parishes have been embracing the #GiveHim21 campaign for Lent and asked for more ideas for Easter. I know we’re only in the early weeks of Lent (Day 17 as I write this), but we need to plan ahead! So I wanted to share some non-Lenten ideas to continue the momentum.

On Competition

Dear Catholic Parishes, You are not in competition with one another. Stop acting like it. Blessings, Katie