Grandparents Day


I really love this new day established by Pope Francis to celebrate Grandparents. The seniors of our community are often a forgotten group, or even taken advantage of.

I was really blessed to grow up around both sets of grandparents. They each lived within a 5 minute drive – one was on the way to the other actually. I spent a lot of time with them – but as middle school kids want to do – I complained about it a lot. “We’re going to grandma’s again?” – complete with an eye roll.

My maternal grandmother died when I was a freshman in high school – and my 35 year old self wishes I had spent every weekend at her house playing cards and getting to know her better. I knew her for less than a third of my life and the hole her passing created is still vast and deep.

Now as a ‘grandparent-less adult’ I can see what I lost as a child, knowing more now what I didn’t then. So I really appreciating our Holy Father calling this amazing cohort of people to mind. He’s set the date for July 25th, the Feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, Jesus’ grandparents. So what’s your parish going to do?

You could send a note to all grandparents, have an event for grandchildren to bring their grandparents to, have a memorial for all of the grandparents who have gone to Heaven ahead of us, or something else. Even though this is a little less than six months away, don’t let it slip by.

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