An American Experience

I saw the above OSV Talk the other day and just had to share. Deacon Charlie Echeverry discusses some of the pressing issues engaging Latinx Catholics in an effective manner.

Why do you need to watch this?

Did you know around 40% of Catholics in the United States are Latinx. Under the age of 18, the percentage climbs to 60%. That’s a large cohort of Catholics that cannot be ignored – and the solution is more than a Spanish translation.

If you’re looking for more resources to dive deeper, check these out:

Gente Puente Podcast from Patti’s Catholic Corner: click to listen

V Encuentro: click to read more

Dr. Ospino did a study and the results are a great read!

The Diversity Remix Podcast: click to listen (not specifically Catholic)

There are so many more – but a few podcasts to get us started for now!! If you have a great resource, will you share in the comments below?

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