Give Him 21 Lent Edition

Back in December I wrote a post about giving the Lord 21 of something in 2021. I thought it would be good to revive this for Lent and include some graphics you can use. We talked earlier this week about a Lenten resolution for the whole parish. 21 minutes a day with the Lord is a great one. I hope you’ll share these with your parish!

When asked what has made the biggest difference in their daily life, spending quiet time in prayer is one of the top responses. Matthew Kelly has called this the “Classroom of Silence.” Whatever we call it, spending time with our Lord every day can make a profound change in their faith journey.

When we make daily Mass a part of our life we have the opportunity to be in the Word and be one with our Lord through the reception of Holy Communion. Even if a virtual daily Mass is the only thing you can fit into your calendar, it’s worthwhile.

Our Lady of Fatima asked us in 1917 to pray the Rosary every day. Spending time mediating on the life of Our Lord with His Mother gives us a beautiful opportunity to walk with Our Lord.

Being in the Word is our great privilege. I’ve done years where I’ve read a chapter day, but this year I’m following along with Fr. Mike Schmitz and his podcast. Even if they didn’t start from the very beginning, you can start on Ash Wednesday and listen or read during Lent.

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