Surprised by Lent

Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

I am frequently surprised by Lent. Both in my personal life and here in this newsletter. I’m typically writing about Lent the week after it starts. I’m always looking for the time between Christmas and the beginning of Lent to be longer, an extension of this very short season of Ordinary Time.

This past Sunday our pastor reminded us of the upcoming penitential season in the opening announcements, encouraging us to begin considering how we will spend the time growing closer to the Lord.

So today I ask you, how will your parish come together this Lent to grow closer to the Lord? I read an article recently that Mass attendance is the lowest it’s ever been. With covid still a major part of our lives and restrictions on how many people can gather, I’m not surprised. I am sad though. Let’s use Lent as a season of renewal and revitalization.

Let’s recommit ourselves to the Lord. Ask your parishioners what they’ll do to recommit themselves to the Lord during this holy 40 days. Begin making a plan now for your Lent. The years that Lent has been most fruitful for me, I’ve planned weeks or months in advance. This has given me time to get used to the idea of my upcoming fast or schedule that additional prayer time in my calendar.

What will you do together as a parish?

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