Year of St. Joseph


The Holy Father announced a Year of St. Joseph a few weeks ago. How is your parish embracing a devotion to this holy man? Have you thought of anything? My diocese actually just concluded a year dedicated to St. Joseph – so I thought I’d share a few ideas.

  1. Offer a parish-wide Consecration to St. Joseph. As a community pray this Consecration together on the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19th or May 1st). Individuals can prepare either by household or in small groups (we all know how to join a virtual meeting by now) and then come together on the Feast Day for the final consecration.
  2. Consecrate your entire parish to St. Joseph. Each week conclude Mass by praying the parish consecration prayer together before the closing hymn. This would involve everyone even if they weren’t making a personal commitment to the preparation.
  3. Celebrate Fostering and Adoption in a new way. I believe this is one of the biggest differences we can make in an individual’s life. I know that it’s a defining characteristic of my own life. However, it’s not something that’s ever celebrated or talked about in the Church (or if it is, it’s very rare and usually related to moms in a crisis pregnancy situation). What if you offered a speaker on foster care to encourage families to discern whether this is something they’re called to – or supporting new foster families with meals, new clothes, books, toys for their foster children, or a special way to welcome foster children of your parish families into youth ministry or religious education.
  4. Pray the Novena to St. Joseph for stronger husbands and more fulfilling marriages. This is my favorite St. Joseph Novena, but there are a bunch of different ones.
  5. Invite special speakers to “come” to the parish to talk about the many virtues of St. Joseph. This is easier to do than ever with virtual classes that don’t require the cost of covering traveling expenses. Join with a few parishes in your area to sponsor an online event to learn about this amazing Saint.

These are just a few suggestions – with an amazing Saint like St. Joseph there is no end to the way we can celebrate him that will bring us closer to his foster Son. The primary job of any saint is to bring us closer to Jesus – let’s implore St. Joseph this year to do just that!

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