Doing Triage on the Wound

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I work with parishes all over the country to develop Vision Plans that are intended to help transform their parish. As you can imagine many think now is an odd time to create a plan for moving forward in your parish.

A member of one of the teams even sent this to me in an email: “My concern is the timing of this…during this pandemic, when parishioners are not required to go to mass. I would feel better when parishioners go back to mass (when the pandemic is over) and re-evaluate what “damage” has been done and then take the next step in “rebuilding” or re-evaluate.”

The anxious Katie inside of me might agree, but then again, when’s the best time to create a plan? I’ll answer that with this old Chinese proverb I think of often.

Now is not the time to put faith on hold, it’s not the time to do less for our relationship with the Lord – now is the time to do more. At the beginning of the pandemic I shared a quote from someone in a few webinars to the effect “If our people find that they don’t need us during a crisis, what will make them think they need us when the crisis is over?” If they lived through a global pandemic when the world was uncertain without the Church, what use will the Church be when the world isn’t in crisis?

I couldn’t help but think about his email last night when I was trying to sleep, “Should I advise them to wait until the bleeding is done to heal the wound?” If I was chopping firewood and accidentally sliced through my leg would they “wait until the bleeding stopped to assess the damage” at the Emergency Room? I sure as heck hope not – because if they did, there wouldn’t be much to do to help. I’d have already met my maker and moved on to Heaven (hopefully, being optimistic in this scenario!).

Now is the time. If we don’t do something now, there might not be anything we can do at all. The faith could be lost in this generation if we sit back and do nothing. Don’t sit back and do nothing. Don’t wait for the bleeding to stop. Let’s do something. What should you do? Well, I’ve got a little idea I’m calling Give Him 21.

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