Back to Normal

The latest OSV Talks video really struck me when I watched it last week. It’s entitled “What If They Don’t Come Back?”

Dan talks about what if people don’t come back but also what if we all just “went back to normal?” … Would it be okay to go back to February 2020 and pretend like the last 10 months never happened?

I know many of us would like to believe that to be true. There are plenty of things in my life that I don’t feel like I need to keep in my memory bank, but there are also some changes that have happened in the last 10 months that I want to keep around for the foreseeable future.

A weekly video hangout with my parents and brothers that has brought us closer than we’ve ever been before – we’ve traditionally been “Talk on Christmas” people.

A new home that I’m able to design from the ground up – a pretty amazing transition from my town home in an area of the city where none of my friends live.

A renewed sense of the Sacred in Mass after being away from the Sacraments for weeks.

Those are just a few … and if we look at the changes many of our parishes have made regarding technology and reaching out to parishioners, I don’t want those to go away either as we “get back to normal.”

I invite you to check out the lastest OSV Talk … it’s linked below. Use it as a conversation starter in your next staff or ministry meeting.

You can see more at the OSV Talks website:

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