Give Him 21

A few weeks ago the woman who produces the fitness videos online I like launched a program that’s 21 minutes a day for 2021, and it got me thinking about how we could adapt this for the Church. A Spiritual Exercise program for our faith. Since everyone loves alliteration (you do, right?) I’ve been thinking…

Doing Triage on the Wound

I work with parishes all over the country to develop Vision Plans that are intended to help transform their parish. As you can imagine many think now is an odd time to create a plan for moving forward in your parish.

Back to Normal

The latest OSV Talks video really struck me when I watched it last week. It’s entitled “What If They Don’t Come Back?” Dan talks about what if people don’t come back but also what if we all just “went back to normal?” … Would it be okay to go back to February 2020 and pretend like the last 10 months never happened?