RCIA Mentorship Program

Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

Today’s post flows from yesterday’s research on trusted, belonging relationships. It’s not just for the young people in our life. With the media being so volatile, it’s important we have someone we trust to talk to about matters of faith. How are we living the truth of evangelization. I’ve said before that the first step is relationship. I’m reinforcing that here today.

I loved this article about Catholics in Arkansas who have taken the pandemic shut-down as an opportunity to re-evaluate the way they do RCIA. They’ve taken a potential downslide (less people entering RCIA) and turned it into a major advantage (developing a one-on-one mentorship program).

The approach is quite similar to what our Protestant brothers and sisters call “Discipling.” People sign up to “disciple others” and meet one-on-one for a few months or even years. Some might even call it Spiritual Direction, but a little less formal.

In the Catholic Church we seem to assume that people are already disciples or that they are already knowledgeable about their faith – but that just isn’t true. They need time. They need relationships with people of faith. They need us to walk and accompany them.

This is more work, it’s much more involved, but it’s worth it because the long term effects are amazing. Do you do any one-on-one discipling? mentoring? trusted, belonging relationship building?

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