Kitchen Organization

I know you don’t normally come to me for Organizational Ideas … I’m not sure why though since I have a pretty organized home. But anyway, I saw this idea last week at Church of the Blessed Sacrament in their kitchen and thought I’d share.

When I worked at the parish the part of the parish hall we received the most complaints about was the kitchen. One group wouldn’t clean up and then next group would complain about not being able to find things, the garbage not being taken out, or things missing. No one knew where to put anything away. Well, that’s not true – one woman knew where everything was supposed to go, but she wasn’t at every event. We didn’t have a solution except some labels. But when you have 15 different kinds of bowls and six cabinets labeled “Bowls” you tend to get soup bowls stacked with punch bowls.

I thought this idea they had was brilliant. It solved all of these issues (except when people don’t pay attention – I’m not a miracle worker, I can’t solve every problem. They placed a printed picture of everything inside the cabinet on the outside. This way people know what goes where, where things are, and how they’re supposed to fit into the cabinet.

You might be thinking, “Such a simple idea Katie, why are you even sharing this?” Well, simple as it may be, I didn’t think of it when I was trying to solve my parish hall kitchen issues. I’ve also never seen it anywhere else, so it might be a secret. Not anymore!

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